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photography studio rental

Photography Studio


Construction on this beautiful 540 sq ft photography studio will begin in spring 2019.  A large and conveniently located space to rent for your photography projects.

Photography studio info

Photography studio details:

  • over 500 sq ft

  • 12 ft ceilings

  • 2 windows for natural light

  • air conditioned and heated

  • adjustable ceiling lights

  • plenty of outlets for your equipment

  • several large backdrops

  • a waiting area and bathrooms

Photography studio rental pricing

Rental price per hour:

$35 per hour       1-3 hours
$30 per hour      4-7 hours
$25 per hour     8 hours

$75 per hour for the whole building (dance & photo studios)
To accommodate larger events, we open the wall between the dance studio and the photography studio to create one festive space.

I'm anxiously awaiting opening day!  but you know how construction goes......I'll begin booking the studio when I have a firm remodel completion date.  In the meantime, I would love to hear from if you have questions.

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